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Ollies first year
21st September 2015 (Andrew Becks)

Ollie (Feb 2010)and what a year it has been..

Ollie has now grown to be a boisterous, fun, strong minded and entertaining dog. He has spent most of his first year growing into a 30kg lump of solid muscle who loves to drag everyone to where he wants to go. [READMORE] He has had a very busy first year travelling around the United Kingdom.

Starting with his first real walk in Salcey Forest, Ollie managed to get everybody to fall in love with the two month old cuteness that was him.

Continuing in February with a week in the peak district in the snow where he lost his first milk teeth catching snow balls in Buxton Park. During the week he climbed Rusup Edge and Mam Tor finishing with a tour of peak cavern, where he took quite a liking to the tour guide.

Oliver (Nov 2010)March included a week in Northumbria where he spent most of it playing on Bamburgh beach. With limitless energy he said hello to all the people and dogs he passed and learnt how to play fetch, although he did not know how to drop the frizzbie. At first he took a dislike to the sea with the waves invading his personal space, but he soon learnt that they meant no harm and was quite happy paddling after a short time.

July saw Ollies first camping trip to the Peaks. After a nervous start to the weekend Ollie soon took life living in a tent and was fully at home after the first night. On the Saturday he climbed Kinder Scout and despite looking half asleep when he returned to the campsite he was still full of energy. A small child passed by where he was sleeping and Ollie sprung into action breaking his lead and chasing after her to play.

Ollie finished his travels for the year in the Lakes. Despite being a day late he spent a lazy week taking very short walks looking at waterfalls. The highlight of the week for Ollie was a play on the beach at St Bee’s and a good sleep every night in front of the fire.


About Ollie

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