William Arnold(Born 19/04/1831)
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Fullname: William Arnold

Children: John Arnold
Ada Arnold
John Ellis Arnold (Born 28/11/1854)
George William Arnold (17/07/1876 - 26/12/1951)
Mary Elizabeth Arnold (Born 1879)
Father: Thomas Arnold (11/09/1796 - 12/04/1871)
Mother: Sarah Taylor (Born 17/04/1796)

Siblings: Aaron Arnold
Aaron Arnold
Elizabeth Arnold (Born 13/04/1824)
Richard Arnold (Born 08/08/1825)
Mary-Ann Arnold (Born 07/02/1827)
Jane Arnold (Born 26/02/1828)
Thomas Arnold (Born 02/12/1832)
Elizabeth Arnold (Born 11/06/1837)
Eliza Arnold (Born 11/06/1837)

Married: Jemima Blackwell on 1854
Hephzibah Barwell (Born 1845) on 20/10/1874


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