Memory of Louie
In memory of Louie
21st September 2015 (Andrew Becks)

LouieLouie was our Collie Cross dog, who was adopted from Maxicare in May 2004. He travelled with us to most places in the UK and enjoyed the outdoor life, hillwalking and camping. He favourite place was however always running free along a sandy beach, eating seaweed and crab shells. We had many great holidays with him in places such as Cornwall, Devon, Isle of Wight, South & North Wales, Norfolk, Northumbria, Scotland and the Inner Hebrides and many other places. You can see many pictures of him in these places in the Galleries.

Since his adoption he become a loving member of the family. Extremely obedient, but set in his ways. Loved by many, he will leave a massive gap in our hearts. He was devoted to myself and Karen and followed us everywhere. He had a excellent life with us, but unfortunately his heart murmur caught up with him in his later years.

For further pictures of Louie check out the In Memory photo galleries.


Memory of Louie

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